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Link UI

Link UI is a simple web interface enabling end-users to link their devices to your app.

Copy linkUser journey

The user journey for linking devices begins and ends in your app, starting with navigating your users to Link UI either by pushing them to a native browser or by embedding a webview within your app. This is done by generating a Link sessionAPI.

Once the linking process is complete, your users will be redirected back to your app via the redirectUri specified when creating a Link session.

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The Link UI flow starts with an introduction screen that highlights the role of Enode in relation to your app. The screen dynamically shows the vendorType specified for the Link session, in this case vehicle.

Copy linkStep 2: Pick brand


The first user input we ask for is the brand for the specified device category. This lists all of the activated vendors in your environment.

Copy linkStep 3: Log in


Next, the user is asked to sign in to their respective vendor account with an e-mail/username and password.

If two-factor authentication (2FA) is enabled by default by the vendor or enabled by the user, the user will be prompted with the 2FA challenge after entering their credentials.


Once the authentication process is complete, the user will be prompted with a confirmation of the device(s) found via the specified vendor account.

Then, the user is presented with a list of the scopes requested upon creating your Link session, giving them complete control of the information and actions relayed to your app via Enode. Finally, the user can proceed to the next screen by pressing Allow.

Copy linkStep 5: Confirmation


That's it! Once your user has allowed access, they are presented with a screen confirming the successful linking of their device to your app. Once the user presses Continue, they will return to your app via the redirectUri.

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