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Interventions are actions performed by the user to unlock certain capabilities.

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While some capabilities are inherent to the device itself, i.e. a vehicle missing an onboard GPS will not be able to transmit a location, some capabilities can be enabled through user actions. We refer to these actions as interventions throughout our API and documentation.

These interventions typically describe signing up for first-party user accounts, signing up for a first-party subscription, changing settings in the first-party app or changing settings on the device itself.

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Interventions are surfaced through the capabilities object per connected device. Any applicable intervention per capability is listed in the interventionsIds array. See the below example for how these id's are surfaced.


  "id": "8d90101b-3f2f-462a-bbb4-1ed320d33bbe",
  "vendor": "TESLA",
  "capabilities": {
    "chargeState": {
      "isCapable": false,
      "interventionIds": [
    "information": {
      "isCapable": true,
      "interventionIds": []
    { ... }
  { ... }

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Below you can find the list of available interventions.

ID Brand Title Details
06197b76-966e-414a-b174-7a00cde49f30FordActivate FordPass ConnectView
0defa374-8a1a-4eb1-a85f-b7cb09501097VolkswagenComplete your Volkswagen profileView
644d2a0f-6774-489b-b57d-07cf00261467VolkswagenActivate Car-Net online service in vehicleView
d88a46e9-fc8b-4f71-ae50-b8610f4faeadVolkswagenBecome a primary userView
e8d1b66d-9e41-4a1e-8cab-d9f6da40adb9VolkswagenSubscribe to We Connect ServicesView
b9acf87e-d7c8-426b-80a7-c925b5b90d6fVolkswagenUpdate vehicle to ID Software Update 3.0View
9e9af174-03ad-4448-9092-b2988b10cdb0VolkswagenEnable the "Parking Position" online serviceView
3e861d64-9c00-4c97-9475-a1b4a9881e79VolkswagenEnable the "Charging" online serviceView
4099b5db-b050-40df-a1bb-e3633bf14d1fVolkswagenEnable the "Departure times" online serviceView
392fef50-5468-47a0-aa51-0a1b23966585BMWEnable GPS Positioning in vehicleView
4802fd2c-4369-4914-a625-c3885d594cf8SeatSubscription to SEAT ConnectView
4245f5e6-e806-4de4-bb65-8673adecea83RenaultLink vehicle to accountView
9ee6519c-c173-11ec-9d64-0242ac120002PorscheActivate Porsche Connect ServicesView
c88c2df3-9d75-46d0-8334-0e5b424bc237MercedesDefine & activate vehicle in Mercedes meView
c8a9fe78-44fd-482a-bebc-ef6047e6c0feTeslaEnable Mobile Access in vehicleView
faea347c-1274-4764-90df-75102f40a454AudiAudi Complete SetupView
52ec645f-7d29-4d21-be3c-6bb5e7c5f351AudiAudi share GPS position in vehicleView
a084d982-0667-4da5-ac2c-8e77e53eb86cAudiAudi enable access to personal data in vehicleView
adc1ef01-afde-404f-a255-bd487185cc28AudiUpdate vehicle software package to 3669View
394939c1-70bd-42d9-881f-24d15e3610e2AudiEnable the "Car finder" connect serviceView
27c663b3-a141-4fe8-b6fc-00c0639ba165AudiEnable the "Remote Charging" connect serviceView
5fea0c74-0128-4b74-a7b4-53fef332a7faAudiEnable the "Automation" connect serviceView
94b650dc-ec11-4558-930c-27bb09a42efcŠKODAUpdate vehicle to software package ME3.1View
88511fef-9e94-4a7b-a1bc-926b06c0e455ŠKODAEnable the "Parking Position" serviceView
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