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Going live

Copy linkPreparing to go live

  • Before you go live with your MVP, revisit the decisions from the Introduction and consider your answers about cohorts and devices you’ll enable
  • If you haven’t done so already, you should request access to a production client that will enable you to connect real devices
  • Before launching with “real” users, we strongly recommend following our testing best practices and test in live mode with a very small handful of people and devices first

Copy linkSupporting your users

  • Use experience gained from small-scale live testing and our guide on sad paths for common scenarios that you may want to prepare your support and operations team for.
  • Your users should rely on your support teams for frontline support. Consider creating public FAQs or internal support wikis before going live
  • If you need to escalate any issues, we’re here to help. We encourage your engineering or product teams to contact us through our support page.

Copy linkManaging vendors and growth

  • As you learn from your experience with launching and begin to receive feedback about your MVP, you should gradually release support for more devices and categories
  • Refer to our device capabilities table to help make the best decisions on which devices you should support next
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