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Enode’s smart charging algorithm shifts electric vehicle charging to off-peak periods. This mechanism lowers the cost for end-users while helping balance the power grid load.

Based on two user inputs — a daily deadline and a charging location — smart charging will be executed automatically. In the day-to-day, all the end-user has to do is plug in their vehicle. That’s it! From here, our algorithm ensures charging is performed during the cheapest possible window of time before the deadline.


To enable this, our technology continuously calculates and analyses a host of variables behind the scenes. In short, we look at the deadline and live data from the vehicle, calculate the estimated charge time and map it to live electricity market data before passing it through a series of checks. This results in a charge plan that is executed automatically.

In this series of guides, we will walk through the mechanisms in detail and touch on aspects worth taking into account when designing and building smart charging functionality for your product.

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The ins and outs of the smart charging algorithm

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