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  • Altered the hasChargeAboveThreshold Smart Charge consideration such that vehicles stop charging immediately, regardless of battery level. Previously the Smart Charging algorithm would wait until a vehicle reached 20% before issuing a stop command.
  • Added a new Smart Charge configuration property called minimumChargeLimit, which can be configured using the Update Smart Charging Policy endpoint. This value defaults to zero and controls the minimum batteryLevel at which the Smart Charging algorithm will issue a stop command.

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  • Added vendor to Vehicle and Charger resources.

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  • Added more information about timeouts, failures, and retry logic to the Webhooks guide

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  • Renamed Smart Charge consideration confidentTimeEstimate to hasTimeEstimate to better reflect its use.
  • Removed deprecated chargeable- and entity- prefixed fields on Charge Action and Schedule endpoints. Please use target- prefixed fields instead.
  • Fixed incorrect name of user:schedule:execution-updated.
  • Altered a misleading tariffs example.

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  • HVAC: A new endpoint called Permanent Hold has been added. This endpoint configures a thermostat's mode with one or two setpoints.
  • HVAC: Hvac Devices can now be reset to Follow Schedule. The endpoint is designed to allow you to cancel a permanent hold and returns to the schedule configured on the thermostat.
  • HVAC: mode, holdType, heatSetpoint, and coolSetpoint have been added to HVAC devices. See our GET HVAC endpoint for more details.
  • HVAC: Several new capabilities have been added. These capabilities describe what modes and hold types a device is capable of. We've also added information about the allowable setpoints. See our GET HVAC endpoint for more details.
  • HVAC: Along with the introduction of the Permanent Hold and Follow Schedule endpoints, the standard Set Target Temperature endpoint has been deprecated. It continues to function but will be removed in a future release.

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  • Added maxCurrent to charger chargeState
  • Introducing set max current endpoint to set the max charge rate for chargers.
  • Added capabilities to Charger responses.

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  • SmartCharging: A number of considerations have been deprecated. The total number of considerations has been reduced for simplicity. The noCommitedDelay consideration which was already deprecated has been removed.
  • SmartCharging: latest can be sent to plan endpoint to fetch the most recently created plan.

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  • Added chargingLocationId to Charger responses.

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  • Vehicle attribute information.id has been deprecated. Use the top-level unique ID instead.
  • Added vin to vehicle information.
  • Added chargingLocationId to Smart Charging plan.
  • HVAC targetTemperature can be null if we are not able to retrieve it from the vendor.
  • HVAC consumptionRate can be 0 to represent an inactive HVAC unit. null if we are not able to retrieve it.